3 Benefits of IOP in Addiction Treatment


Addiction is a disease that affects different kinds of people from all different walks of life.

Having a quality addiction treatment program available at an affordable price is critical to helping people get back on track. New Life Recovery Center’s IOP is a great balance between the intensity of a PHP and an OP for those who can’t commit to a full-time program, but do have some open availability throughout the week.

It’s important to stress that ultimately, just being in a structured program alone is a great help.

1 – IOP Offers Flexibility in Addiction Treatment

Flexibility in addiction treatment is important as time commitment between individuals can vary. Our IOP is about 3 hours daily for 3 days a week. We have seen great growth and recovery in our IOP for our patient’s both current and past. A structured environment where you can share your thoughts and feelings as well as learn foundational mindsets that will help you maintain a fruitful recovery.

2 – You Will Have Access to Group Therapy

Individual therapy is both useful and incredibly important for discussing intimate thoughts and feelings in a safe environment. While some are reluctant to involve themselves in group therapy, they are doing themselves a disservice by not doing so!

Group therapy can be an incredibly uplifting and enlightening experience. Many people immediately think they will be sharing their innermost thoughts to a group of people, but the converse is also true. Hearing other people’s stories, their struggles with addiction, will have a powerful effect of eliminating shame and feelings of isolation. You are not in this struggle alone, and that is important to hear and realize.

3 – You Will Develop Long-Term Relationships

Being involved with groups and coming into contact with others also in your group is one of the most positive aspects of treatment. Fostering long-term relationships with individuals who understand your journey and who have compatible lifestyles can be a much needed social opportunity.

Addiction is a disease that embeds itself into a person’s life in many categories—particularly socially. Many people who are suffering from addiction are also entrenched in an unhealthy lifestyle that enables substance use.

It can be difficult for those suffering from a substance use disorder to reintegrate back into old social circles due to lifestyle differences. That’s why being part of a recovery community can be a welcoming and reassuring environment where people understand you and your journey.

Addiction Treatment IOP Program NJ

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The first step is the hardest to take, but it is also the most crucial.