Healing And Lasting Recovery For Individuals And Families

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Recovery from addiction can start with admission to a licensed addiction treatment facility.

Healing And Lasting Recovery For Individuals And Families

Substance of Use Disorder Treatment

Recovery from addiction can start with admission to a licensed addiction treatment facility.

Healing And Lasting Recovery For Individuals And Families

Intensive Outpatient Program

While less hours overall versus PHP, IOP has the same goals.

Healing And Lasting Recovery For Individuals And Families

Outpatient Program

Outpatient Treatment is the least acute level of care.

Healing And Lasting Recovery For Individuals And Families

Treatment Modalities

Healthcare has made great advances.

Healing And Lasting Recovery For Individuals And Families

Higher Levels

Detox is needed in cases where there is excessive use and suddenly.

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Award-Winning Addiction Center and Outpatient Program in NJ

Addiction Center New Jersey

Our Process to Recovery

Addiction Center New Jersey

Start to Your New Life!

Addiction Center New Jersey

Initial Screening & Assessment

Outpatient Drug & Alcohol Treatment since 1991

New Life Recovery Center in Montville, NJ

Treating Addiction, Healing Individuals and Families

New Life Recovery Center in Montville NJ, is an Outpatient Behavioral Health Treatment Facility. Addiction Center New Jersey offers patient treatment for alcohol and substance addiction. We provide the tools to get your health back on track and onto the road to recovery. We provide Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient Program (OP) levels of care. Our programs for adults, incorporates various treatment modalities. In addition to group therapy, there is one individual counseling session with the same counselor weekly.

a women counselor with several patients in a group session with 1 young adult woman leaning her head on her hand seeming to be troubled.

Addiction Center New Jersey: During the Individual Session the client works one-to-one with a clinician. This private setting allows individuals to deal with more personal challenges. Such as destructive behaviors, addictive behaviors, what are healthy choices and bad choices and so much more one on one with our patients. 

Life can throw us many surprises and sometimes having someone to talk to or offer guidance. Addiction Center New Jersey is here for you during your most difficult times and we want to help. Our counseling services are centered and guided by you as an individual or as a family.

Your overall recovery process is customized to your needs with a personalized treatment plan. Our treatment providers will make sure that all your treatment activities, treatment programs, and participation come together to help you create the best environment for your recovery.
Our dedicated and professional staff are experienced addiction counselors with New Jersey State certifications. CADC (Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor), supervised by LCADC (Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor).


We Will Always Treat You with Dignity and Respect and Never Use Damaging Labels.


Offering many approaches to treatment, our counseling services are centered and guided by you as an individual or as a family. Sometimes having someone to talk to or offer guidance can help. We understand the risk factors and assure you that we are here for you during your most difficult times and we want to help you with your addiction.

We understand how stigma and discrimination can exacerbate a person’s health problems and delay or prevent them from seeking care. As a result, stigma and discrimination can keep people stuck in a vicious cycle of illness. But with New Life Recovery Center, we live by the principle of treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Total Trust and Confidence, Knowing Your Call and Your Stay will be Completely Confidential.

In the journey to recovery, confidentiality is an important aspect of the code of ethics in New Life Recovery Center. We recognize that in order for people to feel comfortable discussing sensitive and revealing information, they require a secure environment in which they can discuss anything they want without danger of the knowledge leaving the room. We are concerned about your privacy and take this seriously.

young man with ripped jeans & black cap with counselor

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Center in NJ

Effective treatment and lasting recovery for patients suffering from alcohol and substance abuse. Get personalized care from New Life Recovery addiction center in Montville, NJ.

Counselor in pink shirt with clip board dealing with a troubled young man along with 2 women & 1 man in group

Intensive Outpatient Program

Our most popular and effective addiction treatment program. The intensive outpatient treatment program has fewer overall hours than PHP but has the same goals. Clients learn what triggers them and  leads them to use and they are educated on tools and strategies to help them get on the road to recovery. With evening sessions, this program allows you to continue with school or work life and maintain the ability to support your family. Your IOP community will provide the support and confidence you need to beat your addiction and stay sober….

Group therapy with 3 woman & 2 men all smiling.

Outpatient Program

The outpatient drug and alcohol treatment is perfect for clients who have mild to moderate symptoms and have a strong support network at home. It is an effective way to treat addiction without interfering with day-to-day life. OP sessions can be one individual session a week and one or two group sessions a week….

woman Counselor consoling middle age man in group therapy session

Substance Use Disorder Treatment

Our comprehensive Addiction Center New Jersey recovery program is personalized to the client. It starts with admission to our licensed addiction treatment facility. New Life Recovery Center is a safe place where you can begin your journey of recovery. We provide you with the knowledge to help you live a clean and sober lifestyle moving forward. Our continuing help and support is designed to help you hold on to your well-earned addiction-free life….

A Nurse with white lab coat reviewing chart with young woman sitting

Higher Levels

New Life Recovery offers Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient Treatment Programs. When a higher level of care such as Detox Treatment, In-Patient Treatment, and Partial Hospitalization Treatments are needed to help you overcome addiction we are able to refer you to the appropriate facility….

Group session with man and women hugging each other

Treatment Modalities

Our addiction treatment programs incorporate evidence-based mental health and behavioral health treatments. We use a variety of evidence-based methods of treatment to achieve the best results. Cognitive behavioral therapy and motivational interviewing provide proven results in client recovery….

young man wearing jeans & black cap speaking with his counselor

Adolescent Outpatient Program

Welcome to New Life Recovery Center, where we compassionately address the mental and emotional well-being of adolescents, through our Substance Use Outpatient Treatment Program for young adults ages 12-18. At New Life Recovery Center, we recognize the critical importance of addressing the unique…

New Life Recovery Helps You Heal

Private & Group Sessions

Work closely with our clinicians to work through destructive or addictive behaviors caused by addiction. Our individual sessions allow clients to work through more personal challenges with their counselor. Our group sessions provide feelings of support and community.

Healing Individuals & Families

Our drug and alcohol treatment programs not only offer help and support to individuals but also to their families. We live by the principle of treating everyone with dignity and respect. Confidentiality and trust are important aspects of our code of ethics. 

Serving New Jersey

Our addiction center team provides substance abuse treatment to Morris County and the surrounding counties. Reach out and get in touch now to find out how we can help.

The New Life Recovery Difference

At New Life Recovery Center we offer effective outpatient behavioral health treatment for alcohol and substance abuse. 

Dedicated & Professional Staff

Our experienced staff is certified and regularly reviewed by the State of New Jersey assuring you always receive the best treatment possible. 

Most Insurances Accepted

We accept most private insurance as well as Medicaid. 

What Our Patients Say

We were voted ‘Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center 2022’ in Elizabeth NJ by expertise.com. We believe in total trust and confidentiality when it comes to calls and patient interactions.

Our addiction center is a safe environment for patients to discuss their challenges and take part in compassionate drug and alcohol treatment. 

We pride ourselves on offering the highest level of support. We are totally committed to our patients’ recovery and well-being.

“New life provides a great program that encourages openness and growth in a safe environment. Elisa is a wonderful counselor who is easy to connect with and has invaluable, real-world experience. Highly recommended!”


Get the Help You Need Today

Take the first step on the road to recovery and find out how our intensive outpatient program can help you beat addiction. Reach out and speak to our friendly staff at our New Jersey addiction treatment center to find out more.

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