How Family Support is Critical to Addiction Recovery


Addiction is a terrible disease that affects millions of people worldwide. Thankfully, attitudes towards addiction and addiction treatment have changed to see that it is an illness—a disease. When you view addiction in this light, it’s easy to see how addiction affects people from all walks of life. One of the critical aspects of helping those who are on the path to addiction recovery is having programs available to help the families of the addict.

What are Family Support Groups?

family support program is a program centered around helping the family in the coping process of dealing with a loved one who is suffering from addiction. In even the best of circumstances full of compassion and understanding, family members can have a hard time knowing how to help the addict in a meaningful way. There are many well-intentioned things that family members do which may not be conducive to recovery, these are largely enabling behaviors.

However, that topic could merit a post in itself. New Life Recovery’s family support program is designed to make the addiction treatment process easier for not only the person suffering from addiction but also the family of that person as well. Having a functional family system that can support the addict and also cope with the situation in a productive manner will help reduce the incidence of relapse.

Issues with addiction are deeply tied to stress and how maladaptive coping mechanisms are created to deal with that stress. For many people, dysfunctional relationships that snowball from simple communication problems can contribute greatly to addiction issues. Issues in the home are a major source of trouble in people’s lives.

Nonetheless, for a person who is suffering from a substance use disorder, having your family participate in your recovery process can be a tremendously encouraging thing. Programs such as our IOP require a time commitment and it can be helpful for your family to know what you’re doing during your time in treatment.

The most difficult thing about addiction, according to many of our patients, is the pervasive feeling of being alone. Human beings are social creatures, and when we feel alone it can put us in a dark place which inevitably fuels the cycle of abuse.

Addiction Recovery Family Support Program

New Life Recovery is proud to offer family support programs for those who have a loved one who is suffering from a substance use disorder. Addiction is an isolating experience, and so having an addict see their friends and family become a part of their recovery journey can help them push through the initial difficulties of getting and staying sober.

Our compassionate and caring staff know how to approach addiction problems. We are always ready to listen and help in a non-judgmental way. This is crucial for fostering an environment conducive to growth. No two people are alike, and so upon hearing your story we will offer personalized attention to your treatment plan.

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