What Are the Impressive Benefits of Sobriety?

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1 in 10 people in America develops an addiction to drugs or alcohol at some point in their life. So if you are currently battling addiction, you are not alone and this is nothing to be ashamed of. Fortunately, there are plenty of amazing places you can turn to for support with your recovery.

However, getting sober can feel like a daunting task and it can be a long road to recovery. Because of this, it can help to focus on the benefits of sobriety.

While these might feel a long way away at the moment, they can give you something to look forward to. This can also help you shift your mindset to making a positive change, rather than focusing on the ways addiction has impacted your life.

Want to know more about sobriety benefits? Then you’re in the right place. Read on to find out some amazing reasons to get sober.

Sobriety Improves Your Mental Focus

Addiction can take hold very quickly and when this happens it starts to dominate your life. This doesn’t just happen in a practical sense either.

You may find yourself planning ways to satisfy your addiction and accommodating it in your daily routine. This requires a lot of mental energy that could be used for other things.

On top of this, addiction also impacts your cognitive abilities. This means you may find it difficult to:

  • Focus on one task for an extended period of time
  • Engage socially
  • Remember things that have happened
  • Get a healthy amount of sleep and rest
  • Make decisions

As you start to recover cognitively, you will find doing these things much easier. This provides you with more mental energy to focus on other areas of your life.

You Will Find It Easier to Regulate Your Emotions

A lot of people feel nervous about the emotional fallout of tackling addiction. After all, a lot of substance abuse treatment does involve facing your demons.

We’re not going to pretend that this is going to be an easy journey. However, as you start to recover you will find it easier to identify and regulate your emotions. This is partially thanks to your cognitive recovery.

Removing drugs and alcohol from your system will also make this easier. These substances can act as depressants or stimulants and can impact your dopamine levels. Because of this, they can come with euphoric highs and raging lows.

As your body starts to recover you will notice that these extreme changes level out.

Getting Sober Reduces Stress Levels

Improving your emotional regulation will do wonders for your mental health. In fact, people with addiction are more prone to stress, anxiety, and depression.

On top of this, not having to hide or factor your addiction into your daily life can seriously reduce this stress. Finally, you can be honest, open, and supported by the people you love in your life.

It’s okay if you are concerned about your mental health during addiction recovery. In that case, an intensive outpatient program could be perfect for you.

These programs offer addiction support and counseling for people with mental health conditions. Cognitive behavioral therapy for addiction can also help with this.

Sobriety Increases Your Sense of Self-Worth and Control

Addiction is a chronic illness. However, it is also important to think of it as a type of self-harm. After all, you are the person it hurts the most, even if that doesn’t feel clear at the time.

Because of this, getting sober involves recognizing that you deserve to be sober. This can do wonders for your sense of self-worth.

This journey allows you to take back control and acknowledge your power and capacity for change. This is a valuable lesson that you can hold onto for the rest of your life.

Your Long-Term Health Benefits From Sobriety

Of course, it goes without saying that addiction can have a huge impact on your long-term health.

Taking drugs, such as opioids, will put your life in danger on a regular basis. If you are fortunate enough to survive this, substance abuse damages almost every organ in your body. It significantly increases your likelihood of developing heart conditions, cancer, and liver disease.

The good news is that your body is amazing at healing itself. Sobriety doesn’t just stop you from doing further damage. It also gives your body (and doctors) time to repair the damage that has already been done.

So you can improve your physical health and live a longer life!

Sobriety Can Improve Your Physical Appearance

Physical appearance isn’t everything, especially in the grand scheme of addiction. However, it is worth noting that getting sober can seriously improve your appearance.

After getting sober, these are some of the physical benefits you will start to notice:

  • Your hair will be fuller
  • Your skin will be clearer
  • You’ll find it easier to maintain a healthy weight
  • Your dental health will improve

People with alcohol addiction will also often notice burst capillaries under their skin. These are known as spider naevi. As you start to recover, these will heal and eventually vanish completely.

Staying Sober Can Strengthen Your Personal Relationships

Addiction can put a huge strain on your personal relationships. This can become a vicious cycle. As you start to feel more isolated you may rely on your addiction more.

However, reaching out for support can help to heal these broken bonds. It shows your loved ones that you are serious about making a change. It also gives them an opportunity to show the love and support they have for you in a practical way.

A lot of outpatient programs also offer counseling for family and friends. This creates a safe space for you to talk about what has happened during your addiction and reconnect with the people you love.

Sobriety is Much Cheaper Than Addiction

Drug or alcohol addiction is not cheap to sustain and can have a huge impact on your financial stability. On top of this, you may find it hard to maintain regular work and income.

So during recovery, you may notice that you’re much better off than you were before.

This is why it can help to think of getting support from a rehab center as an investment in your future. In the long run, it will definitely pay off.

Living a Sober Life Gives You More Time

Addiction can take a lot of time from you. Even if you are a high-functioning addict, you will have to deal with comedowns or hangovers. On top of this, you may not remember the periods of time when you have been drunk or high.

Your cognitive impairment can also mean that it takes much longer to get things done.

As you start to recover, you will realize that you have a lot more time on your hands. This might feel overwhelming, to begin with.

It can help to create a list of things you have been passionate about seeing or doing in the past. This can include baby steps, such as books you always wanted to read or films you wanted to see. Or you might just reconnect with friends and family members that you haven’t seen in a while.

If you aren’t working it can also help to find an undemanding job that you enjoy. This will give your day some structure.

Using this time to explore interests that you had perhaps forgotten will help you appreciate the value of this new-found time.

The Benefits of Sobriety Help You Focus on Your Long-Term Goals

Getting sober marks a huge change in your life so it is important not to push yourself early on. Finding small things that you enjoy is as valuable and important as sorting out the rest of your life.

However, over time you will find it easier to think about your long-term plans. This might involve:

  • Finding a career that you’re passionate about
  • Going on a vacation that you’ve always dreamed of taking
  • Moving home
  • Starting a family
  • Saving money
  • Going to college

These goals don’t have to be the be-all-end-all in your life. For example, you might decide to train for a marathon or learn a new language.

However, living a sober life makes it easier for you to focus on the things that you are truly passionate about. And, after your journey to recovery, you will start to see just how much you are really capable of!

Get Help Staying Sober Today

As you can see there are plenty of amazing benefits of sobriety for you and your loved ones. The most important thing to remember is that getting and staying sober can hugely improve your quality of life. And you deserve it!

Of course, this is often easier said than done, so it is important to get support with your recovery. If you would like to get sober, get in touch with the New Life Recovery Center today. We’re happy to help.