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New Life Recovery Center believes very strongly that everyone suffering from the disease of addiction or co-dependency has an equal chance at recovering if they have the strong “determination” to live and to change. New Life also understands that everyone does not enter into treatment with the desire to change, therefore we meet the client where they are at and guide them to the point were their ready to change. Then and only then can a person begin a successful path of recovering, restoring, renewing, and transforming their life.

At New Life, the approach of client-centered psychology is our practical strategy. We focus with each person on the Body, Mind and Spirit. One cannot be absent from the other to experience total change and complete recovery.

Recovery is a process and our goal is to help our clients walk the path of recovery, one step at a time, making those decisions to choose to:

  •  Restore dreams, goals, jobs and relationships

  •  Unlock the new doors for growth and learning

  •  Look at recovery with excitement and not pain

  •  Take necessary steps to re-gain self-worth

  •  Re-establish self in life not by just barely surviving

Make your decision today to live a NEW LIFE…call us at: 973-728-7788 West Milford, or view our contact us page.


New Life Recovery Center

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